Power Group is developing ways to bring sustainable energy and potable water to all of Colombia's cities and communities.

Power Group is developing ways to bring sustainable energy and potable water to all of Colombia's cities and communities.

Power Group is developing ways to bring sustainable energy and potable water to all of Colombia's cities and communities.


What are your main focuses?

One of our main focuses and what we have been working on for 20 years is the generation of en- ergy via conventional fuels. We generate it with diesel refined fuel; crude, which comes direct- ly from the earth; and gas. We have also been us- ing unconventional renewable energies for five years.


Which industries do you work with, and who are your clients?

We work with the oil industry and almost all the operators in the country. One of our main clients was Pacific Rubiales, which we worked with for 11 years. In 2016, we terminated the contracts with them. Four or five years ago, we were dis- persed in most of all the oil fields of Colombia.


There is the possibility of approaching the public sec- tor and cities to begin to implement your technology around renewables. Could you tell us a little more about this?

Colombia is experiencing an energy crisis that will further develop with time. We have been studying and analyzing it for almost five years to determine how we can provide renewable and unconventional energy to industries and cities, leading them to gradually develop in industries on the governmental part. We hope that cities develop modern energy infrastructure so they can become self-sustainable. How significant are innovative solar energy projects for the future of the country? Here at the company we have a photovoltaic facade with glass. We produce 32kB of installed capacity, and the most important thing about it is the contribution we are making to the en- vironment from a small area. We have a saving of 24,000kg of CO2 per year. We see ourselves as the leaders in renewable energy in the near future. It is important that Colombia starts de- veloping renewable energy.


How do you plan to look for solutions to increase the amount of drinking water that Colombians have access to, and how is this related to the generation of energy and the use of natural resources?

We have done studies in the Caribbean region and Boyacá, which are quite rich in water. But abundant water does not mean it is drinkable and good for the human body. To further this re- search, we have allied with other countries and solar generation modules that also capture solar energy and accumulate it. We plan to develop simple modules to bring drinking water to more remote places.


What is the added value of Power Group in the mar- ket?

Our added value is bringing innovation and de- velopment to provide better services to our cus- the world, visiting the best industries, fairs, and Developing projects is our main goal. KfW De- tomers. We have qualified personnel traveling companies to capture state-of-the-art synergies, test them, and then develop them in Colombia.


What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?

Developing projects is our main goal. KFW development Bank has donated some modules that we must install in conflict zones such as Caquetá, Tolima, and Urabá. Initially, we plan to bring energy where it does not exist and start its development in these areas so that these com- munities start receiving help. We are investing knowledge and money in technology tests to be leaders of renewable energy at the national and Central American level.

Power Group's facilities save 24k kg of C02 annually

Worked with Pacific Rubiales for 11, years 

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